QST, №3, Fabruary, 1916. General Notice! To the Licensed Amateurs of the U. S.

QST, №3, Fabruary, 1916, p. 41

General Notice! To the Licensed Amateurs of the U. S.


Hartford, Conn., Jan. 24th, 1916.

On the first of December, the League membership numbered 635. On the tenth of January, it numbered 961. This indicates the favorable attitude of the amateurs of the country toward an operating organization for relay work and for the mutual distribution of information. If this interest continues to grow, we can count upon being able to number ourselves among the strong organizations of the country.

The amateurs of the country by this time are probably confident that the officers in charge of the American Radio Relay League are sincere in their efforts to make the transmitting of long distance amateur messages by relay a success, and that there is no money making scheme connected with the matter in any way. Hundreds of letters received since "QST" has been published indicate this very clearly. Unfortunately, however, it requires money in addition to hard work in order to answer the large correspondence from a membership of nearly one thousand and as many more amateurs who are not in the League, but want to enter. This money can only be obtained through voluntary subscriptions, of which there have been several, and the sale of STATION APPOINTMENT CERTIFICATES, LIST OF STATIONS BOOK, and QST MAGAZINE. We have no other source of income, and the success of our organization depends upon all of us coming forward and buying these three things. Every amateur should understand this, and do his share, both by ordering himself and also exerting his influence to see that his friends who are interested in wireless do the same.

It is not as though the three things ordered are not necessary. They are not to be compared with a pennant or a button or a pin. Every one of them is a help toward improving a station and assisting in carrying on relay work. The STATION APPOINTMENT CERTIFICATE insures an orderly and systematic appointment method whereby relay stations are indicated. The LIST OF STATIONS BOOK shows the call letters, location, and all the details regarding every other relay station in the country. "QST" keeps every one informed on successful amateur station operating. These three things, therefore, constitute three honest and legitimate necessities, and the officers have worked hard to produce them. Now that they are produced, and the hardest part of the work done, we only have to support them in order to make our scheme a success.

TO MAKE IT EASY, coupons of four different combinations have been printed and every amateur is urged to send in one of them properly filled in, and not delay doing it.